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The Elm Worship Experience - Barrett Berry

Jul 31, 2022    Barrett Berry, Lisa Cleveland

Tune in to The CW - Charlotte to view our program "Empowered Living with Barrett Berry" every Friday night following The Nick Cannon Talk Show.

Watch The Elm Online Church every Sunday at 12 noon (Eastern) / 9:00 AM (Pacific) on https://www.TheElm.Church. You are invited to the first live in-person worship gathering at the new The Elm (Empowered Living Ministries) on September 18, 2022 in 5735 Dixie River Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

In less than 30 minutes Pastor Barrett Berry takes us on a journey into God's power with a special anointing. If yearning for success in this life you have come to the right place. If seeking answers to your difficulties, hardships, and challenges in this life you will find your answers right here. Take the journey into living an Empowered Life . . . here. For more information go to https://www.TheElm.Church.

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